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Alixzandar Morle


Woodbrook Polymath

I was born in 1988 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. At a young age, I showed a keen interest for drawing, storytelling + music.

My parents each had a poignant role to play in my creative upbringing. They both inspired me in their craft and allowed me to express myself without judgement. I attended Queen's Royal College (High School 2001-2006) and during my time there, I immersed myself in art/design + literature as well as being devoted to scouting & waterpolo. Before I left high school, my principal commissioned me to do my first mural on the sides of a pre-fabricated block. The laws in Trinidad were not too harsh on vandalism, so in typical teenage fashion, I hit the streets.

I spent 2 years (2006 - 2008) developing my skills in the Trinidadian art/design workforce. I started out as a graphic designer + animator for a small firm who planned + hosted parties and events. It was around this time I took up DJ-ing seriously.

I was particularly into turntablism + scratching. I began to build my network and hosted solo art shows @ Alice Yard, played regular nights @ Euphoria Lounge, while working in broadcast design at a local TV station. My last job before I left for college, was a technical editor.

In Trinidad, "the creative industry" is a mammoth beast that swallows you whole and spits you out in the streets!

To be quite honest, there's no better way to learn in my opinion. Trinidad taught me to adapt really quickly, be super resourceful and to appreciate the value and experience our rich, diverse culture has to offer the world. 



Strategic Brand Development

(2008 - 2012)  I attended Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), pursuing my BFA In Industrial Design + minoring in Interaction Design.

I chose Savannah GA, because of the climate, southern hospitality + the school's resources/facilities, specifically in my faculty. After graduation,

I left for the Bay Area. I made good use of my time in California, honing my skills in UX (User Experience) design + brand development through volunteering, freelancing + working as a consultant in a Silicone Valley firm. My passion for street art evolved into a system where I began to make a career from my artwork and I realized the profound impact of a brand's identity. I traveled throughout the United States + painted murals, always making sure to capture and edit my adventures + journeys.

In 2013, I felt it was time to return to the motherland.


Foundation For Growth

(2013 - 2016) Upon returning to Trinidad, I co-founded Engine Design Studios : a small design firm based in Belmont, within Granderson Lab. Our main goal was to create an environment ripe for curiosity + creation, where the members could ethically grow + develop their skills. We developed websites + brand identities for an array of clients + collaborators. The company was also able to stimulate initiatives to accelerate economic growth and local markets with our Internal Incubator Programs. In 2016, I migrated to Vancouver, Canada. 2017, was the year my daughter was born and I made the decision to develop my carpentry skills in pursuit of becoming a 

Tiny-Home architect. I also co-founded Higher Ideas Game Design and launched Cannabust™ The Card Game, a cannabis themed game (19+) .


In 2022, I co-founded SANKOFA Entertainment Ltd. to develop and enhance the growing diaspora, providing a platform for cultural events and activities as there was a noticeable and limited Afro-Caribbean influence in the region.

I recently co-founded Turbo Labs Media (May 2024) with photographer Daniel Madamba, developing  brands through captivating and innovative video content. The company is catered towards providing high quality content to small businesses. On some nights, I can be found spinning tunes under the moniker : DJ AM7.

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